27th March 2013

Still deciding on a good format for the tech blog, but so far, as an html5 css3 responsive website, things are coming along fine.

I've done some work on the logo in the header to get a little more color in, and added a minimalbliss tune. Things would be a little ridiculous without something on here to start.

2nd day

22nd March 2013

The second day of web development for minimalbliss comes to a close. Lots of reading and configuration trying to get the basic framework correct using the html5 boilerplate.

The main issues so far have been gradients for lesser ie versions, and discovering that zepto has no real ie support.
Zepto has been replaced with jquery 1.9.1, and css3pie looks to be the best way forward to get things happening with gradient browser support. Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 are pretty non-existent, so the whole process of creating this site will be documented ON this site.
Hopefully this will become a great resource for people wanting to create their own sites.

Day 3 shall be spent documenting the development journey so far.

st00pid experiment

Apart from the audio of minimalbliss, this site will be home to the most ridiculous social experiment you've ever heard of.
The site needs to be built first. HTML5 and CSS3 seem the order of the day in order to welcome the largest audience possible, and current knowledge is very low. So much to learn.


22nd March 2013

Not to be misunderstood as very little happiness of course. Instead: You don't need much to be happy. This site will be home to audio not even of a minimimalist nature. There shalt be audio though!

In fact the dream is a site acting like one big synthesizer. Fingers crossed.